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Lumineers and Traditional                      Porcelain Veneers

        (see "photos" section for actual pictures of Dr. Ryan's work)




Thin lumineer versus contact lense photo

For most patients, Dr. Ryan offers the LUMINEERS No-Prep or minimal prep technique. In a matter of weeks, patients can permanently improve their smiles while preserving their natural tooth structure. LUMINEERS is a non-invasive approach to permanently whiten, reshape, align, and transform smiles without requirement for shots, drilling, or temporaries.



Traditional Porcelain Laminate Veneers


For patients who don't fit specific tooth position or color requirements for LUMINEERS, Dr. Ryan reserves the traditional "prep and temp" method of porcelain laminate veneers. With this technique, patients may achieve a beautiful smile in weeks. Extreme color or space discrepancies of original teeth can be eliminated, leaving a naturally appearing white smile.

Both LUMINEERS and Traditional Veneers consist of a small porcelain "cover" for the front of the tooth. This "cover" allows the teeth to appear straighter, whiter, and more in-line with a beautiful smile. LUMINEERS are different from Veneers in that they are much thinner, allowing less or no tooth reduction before they are placed. However, they may only be used in specific patients because of risk of color show-through and protrusive position of original teeth. With veneers, teeth are contoured back allowing room for porcelain, thus, hiding tooth problems. Thicker porcelain means more translucence and a more natural appearing tooth. Dr. Ryan feels it is important to have both techniques on hand in order to achieve the greatest result for each unique patient.