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    - Where excellence and your comfort is our priority...

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             Patient Testimonials


    - Best possible recommendation I could have received, for my recent broken tooth accident. Dr. Ryan and his entire staff, made my visits to his office, the ONLY place for me or my wife, to go for dental work. I have White Coat Hypertension, and from Colette, to Dr. Ryan s assistants, ALL made my visits so much easier. As soon as Dr Ryan asked Colette how fast I could be placed in for appointments, for a crown, she was on the phone, rearranging times for me. I am sure that what might have been six weeks or more, took less than three weeks. We are full time RV folks, and finding this type of top professional care, while on the road, is rare. We have provided are strongest recommendation to the RV CAMP at Davis Monthan AFB to ALL who may need regular check ups or emergency work. We plan on ONLY visiting this office next year when we return to Tucson. Dr. Ryan sets the example for the office, with his approach to patient care. Thank you to all, for the great service.    - Jerry and Valerie (March 2012)



      - The moment Colette answers the phone you know you have found something wonderful. It will only take her a few calls to know your voice and name. Because Colette was so knowledgeable and accomodating I made an appointment. Dr. Noseck is an amazing micticulous professional and very personable. He too will remember your name, needs and worries. I have had cleanings, caps, fillings and and Lord knows what else, I never felt a thing. Now that is amazing coming from a dental anxiety mess that I can be. He is patient, kind and a perfectionist. Expect to be pampered from the minute you walk in. Colette will help with all the insurance and finace issues. I can gaurentee you that your dental health is their priority not how much money you can give them. Janell is a wonderful hygienist and gentle as well. Your teeth will shine, and she quietly explains each move and is very careful of sensitive spots. She listens. You have never seen anything like how Dr Noseck works with his assistant-How many times does an assistant make sure you have warm water to rinse your mouth!?. Her tiny little hands work so gently. It is fun to observe how they work together and how she can assess what his next move will be. AND to hear him say thank you to her. is comforting because it reinforces that he is a caring professional. Altogether it is a great expierence, you will be comfortable, pain free and your teeth will become better and better with each visit. IF you have any questions Collete can put you at ease and is a great teacher, preparing you and advising you.    - LISA



     - Dr. Noseck has been my dentist since 2005. I am in my mid sixties and he is without a doubt THE BEST dentist I have ever seen. I am dental phobic -- but we have done a route canal, a crown, fillings, etc. In every case he has put me at ease. I hope I never have to see another dentist -- I have the BEST! RRR, Tucson, AZ   -  A GOOGLE USER, REVIEWED 6 MONTHS AGO



     - I recently went to Dr Noseck for a root canal. I was extremely apprehensive. He completely put my mind at ease. The procedure was totally painless and I did not even need pain medication afterward. I would highly recommend Dr Ryan Noseck for all of your of your family s dental needs.   - LAURA



      - I was referred to Dr Ryan Noseck by a good friend. I have a dentist phobia, soo bad, that I am a nervous wreck just having to go to a dentist for a cleaning. I must say that Dr Noseck is hands down the BEST dentist I have ever seen my entire life. He is very kind, very gentle and very precise, and does stellar work. Unfortunately I moved away from Tucson and now have to look for a new dentist. I wish I was independently wealthy, so I could fly back to Tucson when I need dental work done. I recommend Dr Noseck very highly, especially if you are a wimp like me, lol. He was perfect for me, he will be perfect for you.         - CALI



      - About six years ago, Dr. Ryan A. Noseck became my dentist. I usually dread going to the dentist—not any more. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ryan A. Noseck, and have recommended him, to anyone who wants a caring, competent doctor. Dr. Ryan listens to you, addresses any concerns you may have, and is concerned that you are comfortable. He is a PERFECTIONIST! I had to have bridge made. Dr. Ryan explained what work had to be done, the cost involved, and what my insurance would cover. He showed a lot of attention to detail—from the materials that the bridge would be made from, & the appearance of the teeth. (He sent it back to the lab TWICE before he was satisfied.) It is comfortable and looks very natural. He keeps current with dental technology. He did a laser procedure for me in one visit that was painless-the traditional way is 4 visits. He and his staff are great!                      - NANCY E



      - Dr. Noseck and his team are true professionals. My entire family and I’ve been patients of this practice for over 30 years and would never consider switching dentists. They are so dedicated and care so much about their patients they are willing to extract a tooth on Christmas Eve. Amazing!!   - JULIE



       - He is a terrific dentist! He loves what he does, and is a perfectionist. He is very kind and gentle with his patients. His name Dr. Ryan A. Noseck    - MFP



      - Hi. My name is Ceci and I would like to tell you about my experience with DR,RYAN. I was a patient of Ryan's dad Ronald Noseck for 14 years. Dr. Noseck would tell me about his family at my yearly vists. He told me about Ryan and how he was studying to follow in his foot steps.When the day came that Dr. Noseck was retiring, I was very sad. Well my tooth was hurting me so I made an appointment with Dr. Ryan. He was so warm and friendly and genuinly concerned. He did his exam and let me know what needed to be done. I felt like I already knew Dr. Ryan. I was scheduled for an appointment and he completed the procedure quickly and gently.( I am very nervous when I go to the Dentist and he made me feel at ease.) Since that an initial appointment, I have gone back 3 times and each time I am greeted pleasantly by Colette and the rest of the staff. If you want quality dental care, then DR. RYAN NOSECK is who you should go to. I am a pediatric nurse myself and I know how patients should be cared for. DR. RYAN is the best. NOT BAD TO LOOK AT EITHER.           -  CECI



      - I had my first experience with the Noseck office 8 or 9 years ago. My daughter was in town visiting at Christmas and lost a crown on a tooth. We called several offices and only the Noseck office said come right over. She went in and met Dr. Ron who reset the crown and sent her on her way. No charge! This family became our family dentist that day! We now use Dr Ryan and find him to be professional and concerned about our health and well being. Charges are fully explained and reasonable. Everyone in the office is helpfull and friendly!  - A YAHOO LOCAL USER



      - I have been going to Dr.Ryan Noseck's office for about 4 years now. He has been an amazing dentist and has done a wonderful job fixing up my teeth. The staff at his office are very friendly, and are always great about making things work for the patient. I really enjoy my visits to his office. One of the best things about Dr. Noseck is that he never has has to refer me out, he can do so many procedures in his office, even invisalign braces. He recently finished my braces and I couldn't be more pleased!! He is truly a great dentist and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a dentist.    - A YAHOO LOCAL USER



      - Dr. Ryan is one of the best dentists I have ever seen. He Keeps up on the latest technology, is forthcoming, thoughtful, and HONEST about his treatment suggestions, and does not try to sell you unneccesary treatment. I know from experience the last reviewer probably had a mouth full of periodontal disease or cavites that Dr. Ron (the older dentist) was trying to nurse along. Dr. Ryan comes in and tries to do the right thing by ONLY SUGGESTING new avenues of treatment. Then, gets penalized for it. I know for a fact that Dr. Ryan does not push treatment on people. He is very mellow and extremely personable. Anyway, I'm just defending a dentist that I have been with for over 5 years and trust dearly. I'm sure the previous reviewer will enjoy his new dentist all the way through until he's wearing dentures!         - A YAHOO USER



      - I have had ALOT of work done at this office as well as alot of my friends I have referred to him and we adore him and his work. He doesn't screw anyone out of any money, you know exactly what the expenses are before you go in. Let me tell you, you get what you pay for and if you want cheap dentistry then you'll find it along with crappy work. I've been there so I know the difference. The only thing I didn't like about going to his office and that has been rectified was his previous dental hygenist, she had the personality of a rock which was real exciting. He has a very nice one now.     - LANA



      - I've been going to this practice for 20 years and have found Dr. Noseck AND his staff to be very upfront and honest about all fees. Dr. Ryan and his knowledgeable financial coordinator Collette go out of their way to do free consultations where they spell out multiple treatment plans, fees, payment plan options, and insurance coverage. I've found that discrepancies with fees usually come back to the insurance company, NOT the practice. I've trusted the integrity of this practice for many years, and I would never consider going anywhere else!  - JOHN P



      - Dr. Ryan Noseck was one of the best dentists i've ever seen. He was very up to date on all the latest technology while still very personable and easy to talk to... I felt very comfortable and trusted that he was giving me honest and top quality dental care. While being a nice guy, he is a perfectionist with a keen cosmetic eye. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent dentist in the Tucson area!!    - YAHOO USER



      - I have been going to Dr. Noseck since 1998 and the nephew Dr. Ryan took over and is now praticing with his father.This dentist is so knowledgable with all of the up to date teqniques in dentistry it pleases me to go back everytime!!!      -   D.C. ROBINSON