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Dr’s Philosophy on Dentistry

Dr. Ryan’s Philosophy on Dentistry

In this day and age with increasing number of large corporate dental practices, I strive to keep my practice small and personal. Despite the “Noseck & Associates” title, I am the only dentist in the practice with one hygienist, one assistant, and one person at the front desk. As a patient, you will always be seen by me (or my hygienist) and never be shuffled from dentist to dentist.

I believe in quality dental care. This means using top notch labs, materials, and staff. Everyone in my practice is excellent at what they do and my dental labs have been carefully vetted through the years. As my lab technicians and staff will tell you, I am “annoyingly” a perfectionist because I like things done the right way, not the easiest way.

In addition, I book enough time with patients to make sure things are done thoroughly and correctly. I’m a firm believer in “measure twice, cut once.” And, If the end result is not at my high standard, then it is redone at no charge to the patient.

I often joke that you can measure the technical prowess of a dentist by how many times he/she mentions the words “margin” or “pocket” in an appointment. As you can read my section in “Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges”, good dentistry is all about minimizing “nooks and crannies”. This means: solid fills with no catches; healthy, tight gum tissue; root canals filled to precise length and density; solid implants placed to appropriate torque; veneers and crowns contoured to a surface where a fine instrument can not detect the transition from tooth to porcelain. The list goes on.

The other caveat to my practice philosophy is providing top notch care while, at the same time, keeping the patient CALM an COMFORTABLE. I believe the true “art” in dentistry comes in being able to seamlessly combine these two things.

Overall, I stand behind my work. I love dentistry and I love doing what I do. I have followed in my father’s footsteps and everyday I strive to maintain the quality and professionalism that he has practiced for decades.

– “Just treat people with respect and do quality work and you’ll do just fine.”
– Dr. Ron Noseck

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