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Your First Visit

Your First Visit

At your first visit, Dr. Ryan will take a detailed medical history, record all patient concerns and complaints, conduct a comprehensive exam, and take a full series of X-Rays. Study models and photos are taken with more involved cases. The comprehensive exam consists of a restorative evaluation (looking for cavities), a periodontal evaluation (evaluating gum tissue), a soft tissue cancer screen, and TMJ  evaluation.

If there is work to be done, patients will be brought back for a consult to discuss the exam. A detailed treatment plan will be presented to the patient outlining all proposed treatment. Patients will leave the consult knowing all dental options, exact cost of the various levels of treatment, and what percentage of that cost will be covered by insurance. (Our office also provides payment plan options.)

Dr. Ryan encourages patients to bring all questions or concerns to the consult. It is a time for the patient to be educated on their dental condition in a supportive and positive way. In understanding the many wonderful treatment options available to patients in our practice, anxiety levels are often lowered by this experience.

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